Mission Statement

The mission of the Roosevelt Network is to train, develop, and support forward-thinking policymakers, researchers, and advocates to address the complex challenges that we face today. We aim to create sustainable change by educating and empowering youth voices that have been historically denied political power.

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We offer a community for students to research their own policy interests, supported by resources like skills training and policy writing workshops. With the Roosevelt Network, you will have the incredible opportunity to participate in fellowships, incubators, and work with members of the Roosevelt Network from other chapters. In the end, this organization will work to build and advance policy solutions in our region that will change and improve our community and the world.

The UC Riverside chapter of the Roosevelt Network will begin hosting informational sessions in Spring 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some examples of the types of policies that the Roosevelt Network at UCR might empower students to champion in the future?

    We really want to promote ideas coming from our membership so as a result we're really going to rely on our members to come to us with their passions. Together, we’ll work to determine how we can incorporate their ideas into our programming. More information on our policy pod system is set to be announced in the Fall.

    You can see some examples of our work here.

  • What are some of the short-term and long-term networking opportunities that the Roosevelt Network presents?

    In terms of networking opportunities, there are several different avenues you can take. The first one is within the UCR chapter. Networking with people who have shared experiences in that you go to the same university, are passionate about advocacy, and are committed to developing policies to provide a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship. 


    The second avenue is within the Roosevelt Network, but outside of the UCR chapter. Within the Roosevelt West Region, there are a number of chapters with which you will have an opportunity to interface with. The West Region Conference is an event open to all members of the Roosevelt Network in our region.


    Outside of the Roosevelt Network entirely, there is potential to interact with fellows to better inform your policies. So, there are a ton of opportunities to network with folks within the UCR community, at a regional and nation level, and with the network’s partners.

  • How do you plan to utilize and incorporate the knowledge and backgrounds of students in different subject areas within the roosevelt network?

    As people who are involved with policy, we see that policy is everywhere. It impacts all of us on a day-to-day basis. It’s part of the reason that public policy as a major at UC Riverside is so interdisciplinary; we have multiple tracks that students can pursue and we tend to have a number of students double major within public policy. We think it’s so important that we are being cognizant of that and include other voices, from people with not necessarily different experiences but different educational backgrounds and passions. We believe that involving all voices, especially those that don’t speak the language of policy, can change the world with the right education and empowerment to speak up and speak out.

  • For those of us graduating this year, is there any way to become associated with the roosevelt network?

    It is not too late to join the Roosevelt Network! We implore you to look out for our events this year and join us as an alumni in the future!

  • When students go back on campus, will the Roosevelt Network host interactive in-person events?

    While it’s important to change our society through well-developed policy solutions, it’s also very important to take care of the health of our neighbors and ourselves. We are all excited about the campus announcement that we should expect a return to in-person instruction in the Fall 2021 quarter, however we are going to be waiting and watching for direction from the authorities, our school, the SPP, and from experts who understand the risk of it all and who can help guide us on what gatherings will look like as we return. Whether it’s in person or virtually, we plan on meeting in the Fall.